Local & Global Missions & Ministries

Tomball Pregnancy Center

The Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Foundation supports Tomball Pregnancy Center and has provided an Ultra-sound Program that helps families and unborn babies.

Vision for Africa

Vision for Africa began in 2006 as a coalitioin of churches to bring vision clinics to Kenya. Licensed Kenyan opthalmologists work alongside the mission teams conducting "eye camps."The mission teams provide cataract surgeries, eye glasses and treat infections and allergies.

Christian Educational Scholarships/Trust Fund

A Christian Educatioin Trust Fund has been set up with Cornerstone Christian Academy in Rainsville, Alabama. It is to provide Christian education opportunity for students from early childhood through college. 

At Cornerstone Christian Academy their goal is to teach students to think, live, and love biblically. Their mission is to teach a biblical worldview from science, math, and everything in between.

Many other educational scholarships for various Christian schools have been given in Memory of Ryan Paul Whitaker among other miscellaneous donations to other Christian outreach ministries.